Round Podium

Skin Radiance Clinic are the leaders in providing Cosmelan professional peel treatments and provide a mobile service, where we can come and treat you in the privacy of your own home or alternatively you can be treated with Cosmelan Peel within our clinic located in Mosman or Manly Vale. 

The reason why we offer a mobile home service?  You may have seen pictures throughout our website or while researching about Cosmelan and the Cosmelan Peel program and noticed that the mask is not the attractive!  Actually some have referred to it as a mud mask or the colour of baby poo!  So yes, the Cosmelan Peel is not the nicest looking mask and it is a requirement that you leave the mask on for a period of 8-12 hours, meaning you will be leaving our clinic with your Cosmelan Peel mask on and driving home. 

We are more than happy to escort you to your car while wearing your Cosmelan Peel, however some people would just prefer to have the Cosmelan treatment done in the privacy of their own home so use our mobile in home service.

The option of how you do your Cosmelan treatment is up to you (price options here) however its nice to be able to have a choice!