This kit is the perfect choice for anyone who has previously done the Cosmelan Professional Peel and needs to restock on their homecare products. Includes all essential products that work synergisically to ensure you achieve the best results possible with your Cosmelan program.


Products include:



Cosmelan 2 - Cosmelan 2 cream is a home depigmenting cream that assists in the reduction of pigmentation. Valued at $339


Melan Recovery - a must have inclusion when introducing the Kick Start Cosmelan program. An intensive moisturising treatment cream to combat reactive signs of irritation and redness, providing the sensation of instant relief.


Melan 130 pigment control SPF - Very high factor sun protection with UVB 131 and UVA 67 colour indicated for skin with pigmentation imperfections. A depigmenting ingredient helps regulate melanin synthesis by reinforcing the preventative anti pigmentation action. Tinted so it provides a natural tone and softens imperfections, unifying even the skin tone. Water resistant.


Hydracream Fusion - Balancing, anti-pollution cleansing facial cream-oil. It provides nourishment and hydration to the skin, leaving it beautifully smooth. Valued at $63.60


Hydratonic Mist- Balancing, anti-pollution, moisturising facial mist toner. Completes facial hygiene and potentiates the balance of the skin microbiota. All types of skin. Valued at $69.80


Hydra-Vital Factor K - Ultra-moisturising cream to return smoothness and elasticity to dry skin. Valued at $149.00


Hydra-Vital Face Mask - Hydro-nourishing revitalising face mask for dry, dehydrated skin. Valued at $118

Mesoestetic Cosmelan Restock & Replenish PURCHASE

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  • Continue using your products as previously instructed by your skin care professional or request an instruction sheet

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