The Kickstart Cosmelan Home Treatment is the perfect option to self treat in the privacy of your own home and achieve a great depigmentation result, reducing freckles, melasma and age spots.


This treatment program is perfect if your pigmentation is not too extensive, you do not want the 3-7 days downtime required with the professional peel or even if your budget is limited at the moment. The Kickstart program may just be the solution you're looking for!


The Kickstart program commences with the use of Cosmelan 2 maintenance cream which has active depigmentating ingredients including Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid, Ascorbic Acid and Retinyl Palmitate. All these ingredients work together to brighten the skin and more importantly start to regulate the overproduction of the melanocyte cells which are causing your pigmentation to form.


Cosmelan 2, in conjunction with the 6 full size homecare products supplied in your Kickstart Program, work synergistically together starting the depigmentation process. It is important that you only use the Mesoestetic products provided in your kit to minimise irritation and potential side effects.


We build the use of Cosmelan 2 into your program for a 3 - 4 week period and monitor to see how well your skin is accepting the product.


When the skin is at a stage of stability we then can commence the Skin Radiance Clinic INNOVATIVE PROCEDURE called the KICKSTART PHASE which will speed up the depigmentation process.


Upon purchase of your Kickstart program, we provide you with an informative video tutorial. This will show a complete step by step guide as to how to now use your products, when to use it and most importantly what to do to in your kickstart phase, giving your depigmentation a real push.


You also receive a 30min - 45min zoom meeting or phone call with a Skin Radiance Clinician to ensure you are across the program and understand what is required in your routine... then you just follow the program and watch your skin pigmentation reduce, regulate and refine.


"Being in healthcare & always on call, I just couldn't afford the downtime with the professional peel but wanted to at least try and reduce my pigmentation. I used the products for 4 weeks and then did the Kickstart phase and it really did help me get a quicker result on my problem areas. Love this product and I'm loving my skin!". Prue, Mosman


The Cosmelan In Home Kick Start Program pack includes


Cosmelan 2 - Cosmelan 2 cream is a home depigmenting cream that assists in the reduction of pigmentation. Valued at $379


Melan Recovery - a must have inclusion when introducing the Kick Start Cosmelan program. An intensive moisturising treatment cream to combat reactive signs of irritation and redness, providing the sensation of instant relief. Valued @ $139


Melan 130 pigment control SPF - Very high factor sun protection with UVB 131 and UVA 67 colour indicated for skin with pigmentation imperfections. A depigmenting ingredient helps regulate melanin synthesis by reinforcing the preventative anti pigmentation action. Tinted so it provides a natural tone and softens imperfections, unifying even the skin tone. Water resistant. Valued @ $96


Hydracream Fusion - Balancing, anti-pollution cleansing facial cream-oil. It provides nourishment and hydration to the skin, leaving it beautifully smooth. Valued at $69


Hydratonic Mist- Balancing, anti-pollution, moisturising facial mist toner. Completes facial hygiene and potentiates the balance of the skin microbiota. All types of skin. Valued at $69


Hydra-Vital Factor K - Ultra-moisturising cream to return smoothness and elasticity to dry skin. Valued at $159


Hydra-Vital Face Mask - Hydro-nourishing revitalising face mask for dry, dehydrated skin. Valued at $129


Kickstart Instructional Video Tutorial - Step by Step guide how to use your products and kickstart your depigmentation process. Valued at $200


30min Zoom / Phone Clinician Meeting - After using your products for a few days to a week, we suggest scheduling your Kickstart meeting to discuss any questions that may have come up when using your products and get an estimated date to kickstart your routine. Valued at $150


NOTE: This is not the Inclinic Professional Peel.


"As we were in lockdown in Sydney and thought it was the perfect time to treat my uneven complexion. The team at Skin Radiance suggested the Kickstart would suit me so I started and after 2 weeks did the Kickstart phase and achieved a really great result. Now I just follow the program and watch my freckles and age spots disappear". Suzanna, Caringbah


To purchase your kit and start your Cosmelan journey now just add to cart and you're on your way to a clearer, brighter complexion. Please check the images above and confirm if you have any contraindications prior to purchasing.


If you would like more information of our Cosmelan Kickstart Program at home, just add your details into our form on our home page or call 1300 400 680 or email: and we would be more than happy to send further information to you.


We look forward to helping you achieve a brighter, clearer complexion.

Mesoestetic Cosmelan Kickstart Home Treatment PURCHASE

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  • A dedicated clinician will be assigned to you and explain how to use your Cosmelan products at home and Kick Start your program now in lockdown.

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