So you've done the research and have seen the wonderful results Cosmelan and the Cosmelan Peel Treatment program can provide, but its always beneficial to see how your skin will look and feel across the first 2 weeks of the Cosmelan journey.

Linda, our senior clinic manager, experienced the Cosmelan Peel first hand and documented her treatment and results in the below day by day blog to show you what you can expect and how your skin may look and feel. 

Everyone is different and the common side effects of the Cosmelan Peel is redness, heat, itchiness, peeling and swelling however everyone reacts differently depending on how your body deals with the healing process.  We find a well prepped and hydrated skin usually results in less side effects and a more comfortable experience to get you back to your daily life sooner.  To minimise side effects we recommend our Pre Peel Facial treatment to get your skin ready for the high strength Cosmelan Peel.

Please review the comments and images below for more information on her experience however in summary, those first 3-5 days is when your skin will be at its worst, redness, swelling, heat and peeling and flaking will occur with the Cosmelan peel.  Flaking and dryness can occur for up to 14-21 days as the skin regulates to the use of Cosmelan 2, the second phase of the Cosmelan Peel program.  A light pinkness to the skin can remain until 30+ days until the skin cycle turns over and comes to the surface.

Please review and just ask one of our consultants with any questions you may have in relation to Cosmelan.